Hardware based Message Middleware

Solace 는  Real-time 데이타를 배포와 수십 성능을 보다 향상시키는 미들웨어 입니다. Solace 는 복잡한 당신의 인프라 구조와 비용을 낮추면서 속도와 확장성을 함께 가져오게 하는 어플라이언스 기반의 미들웨어 입니다.

• Simplicity: The “rack it and run it” operation of an appliance makes it easy to deploy and operate your middleware.

• Savings: Solace reduces capital and operating expenses through platform unification and device consolidation.

• Speed: Solace offers higher throughput and lower latency for a all kinds of messaging.

• Scalability: Solace offers linear scalability with an architecture a lot like that of IP routers.

• Stability: Solace’s appliances are resilient even under load, and built-in fault tolerance ensures high availability.


Solace 3260

  • The Solace 3260 is 4 rack units high and is available with 8 1GigE ports or 2 10GigE ports. It supports extremely high capacity and is field-upgradeable.

 Solace 3230

  • The Solace 3230 is 2 rack units high and features four 1GigE ports. It is ideal for departmental applications, satellite datacenters and on-customer-premise solutions.

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